JamPlay- The best platform to learn guitar online

Nothing gives me a better feeling than playing the guitar like a rockstar!

Playing guitar gives you such a majestic feeling that the rock star within you becomes alive. Whether you do strumming, simple acoustic or just hold the instrument, the experience is just out of this world. Guitarists form an integral part of any music band, rather they are an orchestra in themselves. The way the person plays the strings of the guitar makes all the difference.

Learning guitar is not that tough as it is made to be. Those who are passionate about learning the instrument, but have a time crunch to attend regular classes, JamPlay is a great option for them. Jamplay offers online guitar learning lessons at your convenience from the comfort of your home. The website has gained a lot of popularity and offers more than 4500 lessons with over 70 instructors. The creators of JamPlay have put a lot of focus for the beginners.

The humble beginning

JamPlay was founded in the year 2006 by three young guitar lovers Jeff Booth, Kevin Wimer and Chris Dawson. All three were into web development before they conceptualized JamPlay. The company achieved 105 percent growth from the year 2010 to 2013 and is still growing. Guitarists across the world get access to electric guitar lessons, structured acoustic, interactive games and live sessions with highly qualified instructors. There are tools to track the progress of a student and plan the milestones accordingly. The beginners’ lessons are very informative and simple which is one of the major reasons for its growing popularity and worldwide acceptance

The salient features

  • The courses offered have a duration of 6 to 10 weeks. It actually depends on the pace of the student and there is no defined timeline as such.
  • The lessons are structured in such a manner that whether you are a beginner or a self-taught guitarist, you can learn it all. The guitar lessons are classified as intermediate and advanced depending on the level of difficulty.
  • There are individual lessons in case one wants to master only a specific aspect of the guitar.
  • There are many lessons on improvisation which teaches multiple aspects such as how to do it, what to avoid and much more.
  • One can choose a genre of music for specialization. Personal interest is of paramount importance for effective learning.
  • There are hundreds of classic guitar songs available in the website for practice.
  • The instructors go through each and every aspect of the song and spend extra time on complex portions to ensure that the student picks up well. There are actual artists who put their unique touch during the lesson, thus making the whole experience very interesting and practical
  • New songs and tutorials are added daily.


JamPlay online course bridges the gap between private and online tutorials. The live sessions by professional musicians are to look out for. One can take lessons that combine playing guitar along with singing. The course also enables users to take up specific guitar playing skills such as lead, speed etc. Apart from that, the site offers bass lessons, community forum, jam tracks and many other add-ons.

The cool stuff- JamPlay’s offerings

The panel on the left-hand side of the website provides access to all cool and exciting videos. The site layout is very well organized and the lessons are divided into ‘phases’ so that students can opt according to their skill levels.

  • Phase 1- (Beginners Lessons) – This is for the beginners who wish to learn the fundamentals of playing guitar. It is divided into two parts; one for acoustic and the other for electric guitar.
  • Phase 2- (Genre and Skill based lessons)-This phase lays emphasis on specific skills or genres of music. The lessons are split into two categories – skill lessons and genre lessons. One can learn the chosen genre of music from basic level to specialization. They offer a lot of variety in styles and the lessons aim at teaching how to play guitar and not aimlessly learning the songs. The lessons on skills are quite detailed and will definitely make you move forward with guitar playing.
  • Phase 3- (Song Lessons)-They have an exhaustive list of songs which are of very high quality. The only downside is that they lack in songs in certain genres. Options for rock, metal and country songs are vast and JamPlay updates them constantly.
  • Phase 4- (Songwriting Lessons) – For all those who want to experience writing a song and recording it, this phase is ideal for them.


Why JamPlay?

JamPlay is an ideal platform for both amateurs as well as an average guitarist. They believe in on-going guitar learning process and not just a one-time product. The professional team is constantly introducing new lessons in addition to existing curriculum. The user can have a personal dashboard to track the progress and proceed accordingly. There is a regular news feed about an upcoming live event. JamPlay has a large community and if you are interested, you can be a part of discussions about guitar playing. The website is fairly simple to navigate and under the My JamPlay tab, one can see complete break up of all the lessons that have been watched. Their high definition videos with different camera angles are an icing on the cake.

The Verdict

Overall, JamPlay is one of the premier online guitar learning websites. It not only focuses on making the basic fundamentals of the instrument clear to the students but also emphasizes on skill enhancement. They give a great opportunity to all aspiring musicians to learn singing while playing guitar. There have a plethora of styles from which one can pick and choose according to their choice. The only drawback is that base price for the course is $19.95/m which is little expensive when compared to others. But, if you happen to get their discount coupon, it gets reduced to $14.95 per month. They also offer a 7-day money- back guarantee along with the membership.

If you are the one who really feels that guitar is not a thing but an extension of yourself, then JamPlay is where you need to be. We recommend all the beginners and even the self-taught guitarists to subscribe JamPlay and try their free trial option to get a feel as to why JamPlay is the best resource for learning guitar online.