Let’s face it! You are focused on your gadget rather than anything else right now. I’ll let you pause for a bit and look at your room or wherever you are right now. See what it’s missing? You have been so busy buying the latest cell phone or tablet that you have totally lost all grasp of nature. Your room plain, ordinary and boring. If what you need is for your room to be much less dull for visitors, you would need some indoor plants.


You could always go buy yourself a beautiful, expensive vase for added ambiance in your home or even change your wallpaper for color and character. But, if your house has some little kids running around it all the time, it could be a matter of just days before you can say goodbye to that expensive vase. As for the wallpaper, well, we know kids are such playful and imaginative little people. If by chance they would get a hold on a big crayon or pen, your wallpaper will be their new canvass. So why indoor plants? Well, plants would not break for one thing, and kids will leave it alone. If the pot breaks because of kids horsing around, no worries. You can always save the plant by placing it in a temporary plastic bag before you could buy a new pot for it. (And give a good scolding to the kids)


Plants, as you know, have benefited humankind since time began by providing food and medicine. What’s more, it can purify the air by producing oxygen. (I hope you know that one because it’s Science 101) Did you know that Indoor plants can also lower background noise by absorbing or reflecting the sound with its leaves? (Study made by Peter Costa, South Bank University, London). There are even plants that you can grow inside your home that are edible like carrots and tomatoes. But more importantly, if you have sweet smelling plants like lavender and jasmine, it would help you relax and relieve stress from a long day.


If you made a choice and buy your very own indoor plant or plants, not so fast! There are still things to consider first before choosing one. It’s not like just selecting the best looking or the most expensive plant you can find and placing it somewhere like in a dark corner. Your plant could suffer from not having too much sunlight or enough water. Some plants will even drown in water if you’re not too careful. Also, the pot in which you’re going to place the plant is equally important for it to grow normally and freely. Consult professional companies like Imagine Plant Design. They have a wide variety of indoor plants for you to choose from and they could advise you which plant is perfect for your home.


Plants are generally living things. And every plant is different from one another. Cacti, for example, doesn’t need much water but requires a lot of sunlight. You might want to place it near windows or balconies. Water it how the professionals instructed you to. Having an indoor plant is just not for decoration. It is like a reflection of yourself on how you treat yourself and how you live your life.